Getting to Mount Nyiragongo Volcano the largest Active Lava Lake in the World

Nyiragongo Volcanoes Congo

Mount Nyiragongo volcano can easily be accessed and worry less through Rwanda taking a liking in a beautiful 3-hour drive from Kigali international Airport all the way through the land of a thousand hills to arrive at the port of Gisenyi on Lake Kivu have an overnight at Paradis Malahide just about 7 km from Gisenyi and appreciate the attractive views across Lake Kivu. Your local will always ensure safe border crossing.

Concerning cross border security in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the security divisions and greater Virunga park management is there to protect and provide information regarding safe and unsafe routes hence you are advised to always seek information before you make travel plans.

The insecurity threat and negative image that was posed by rebel groups such as the M23 in recent years has been restored by the rangers who carry out regular patrols to ensure the trails are safe for tourists therefore safe for tourists.Through the town of Goma – Rumangabo early in the morning after your breakfast quickly transfer to the kibati border patrol post just about 30-minute drive from Goma town at the bottom of mount Nyiragongo where the trekking commences at 9:00 am.

The ascent up Nyiragongo takes approximately four to six hours is strenuous and usually in humid and rough conditions, save for the trail is reasonably simple and not extremely steep, expecting to see rare species of birds and animals such as monkeys, bushbucks and chimpanzees together with the track and the sight while you land at the apex, is eye-catching.

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