Using Road Transport to Virunga National Park Congo

Transport from Goma to the park can be arranged with Virunga national park and the easiest way to get to the park is by use of tour operators currently offering the Mountain Gorilla Safaris in Congo. Basically there are various routes one can use such as the Rwandan side on road which is a 4hours drive from Kigali town to the city of Gisenyi a nearest town to Goma, after crossing the two borders it takes an hour and half driving to reach the park headquarters.

Starting from Uganda connecting to Virunga national park on road is quite tiresome since you might spend a night in Kisoro then proceed to the DRC in the morning hours via Bunagana border and take a 30 mins drive to Bukima where gorilla trekking is done for all gorilla families.

The leading entry point to Virunga National park is through Goma, the main entry point as well as the Banagana in southwest Uganda. And the best ways to arrive in Goma by road is moving from Rwanda in Kigali and reach Goma which will take 3hours. Border passage at Goma also requires a valid Congolese tourist Visa as well as a passport. The tourist Visa in Congo costs $ 100.

At the border, you will change the vehicles and it’s a short distance which is only 10 minutes to Goma where you pass your passport and it’s checked and the Visa marked and you will meet your vehicle from Virunga National case you are traveling from Uganda, the shortest way to arrive to Virunga will be through the Bunagana border crossing where you buy a local visa.

Many cars hire companies give transportation to Congo & Rwanda and most of the times, it’s not safe to visit Congo on a self-drive safari. You can also check out many car rental companies that will serve you during any of the gorilla expeditions to Congo